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TSID 2022 Conference Entertainment Apology

TSID 2022 Conference Entertainment Apology

The TSID Board, along with the 2022 Conference Committee, would like to issue a formal apology for the remarks made by the hypnotist during the entertainment portion of our 2022 conference banquet. We recognize the statements/instructions made to the audience by the entertainer were absolutely not inclusive to the Deaf participants in the audience and do not align with TSID’s values and purpose as an organization. We know this left many feeling disappointed, left out and hurt.

Please know that our original contract was with a different hypnotist who did have experience including Deaf audience members in his show. Due to COVID, he sent a replacement, per our contract with him. Unfortunately, this replacement had no experience hypnotizing volunteers that are Deaf. It was never our intent to exclude anyone from participation.
The TSID Board fully commits to being more involved in the selection process of future conference entertainment and/or speakers to ensure this will not happen again.

TSID Board and 2022 Conference Committee


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