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Conference 2024

Early Bird extended to Jan 31st!!!

[ Intro: Block letters “TSID” fills the screen with a cityscape in background.]

[ Peggy a white woman in cowboy hat and denim jacket stands next to Cheryl a white woman in a blue dress. They are standing at a bus stop. Top left purple square text: 2024 TSID Conference June 6-9, 2024 Downtown Fort Worth, Texas. Bottom righ text: TSID Conference Celebrating 60 Years of Excellence 2024 Fort Worth Texas.]

Cheryl & Peggy: Ready?!

Peggy: Are you ready to go on a trip around Fort Worth?

Cheryl: Yeah! Where are we going?

Peggy: First were going to Sundance Square

Cheryl: Oh cool

Peggy: It’s gorgeous, are you ready?

Cheryl: Yes

Peggy: Ok, now where is that trolly?

Both: Ah, there it is!

Cheryl: Let’s go!

[ Green Trolly bus approaches the women get on and ride to Sundance Square.]

Cheryl: Dance break

Peggy: Yes!

[ Peggy & Cheryl dance in a brick lined alley way.]

[ Peggy & Cheryl are at the Sundance square. Cheryl runs through an area full of jetted fountains then back to Peggy. A large mural of longhorn steer is behind Peggy.]

Peggy: Ready to cool off?

Peggy & Cheryl are sitting at an umbrella covered silver patio table.

Cheryl: This is so fun isn’t it?

Peggy: Yes I’m so thrilled!

Cheryl: Here at Sundance Square there are lots of tables for sitting, water fountains, restaurants, and cowboy paintings. This place is amazing.

Peggy: Oh yes and there’s a Starbucks right over there.

Cheryl: She loves Starbucks.

[ Text on screen: 2024 TSID Conference Co-Chairs Cheryl Sohns & Peggy Cobb ]

[ Text on Screen: Molly the Trolly ]

Peggy: This area is right next to the Trolly stop. The trolley has AC and will drop you off nearby so you can walk around. On Friday night you can come enjoy this area any time.

Cheryl: The Trolley is free. It picks up and drops off every 10- 15 minutes.

Peggy: Are you coming to the conference? Are you going to the conference?

Cheryl: How much does the conference cost now?

[Text box covers Cheryl. Text on screen : The cost of the Conference. Precise for “Reguale Member Combo” $275 now until 12/31/23. $375 1/1/24-5/14/24. $475 5/15/24-6/6/24 (at conference). See Website for other categories.  www.tsid.org ]

Peggy: For regular members, from now until December 31st the cost is $275. So come on and register for the conference. Also, don’t forget to book your hotel room. 3 things to do: 1.Sign up for TSID 2. Register for the conference 3. Book your hotel room. And you’re ready to go!

Cheryl: True Biz.  We have selected new Student Coordinators for Student Workshops, it’s June 5th, right?

Peggy: Yes, June 5th and the morning of June 6th.

Cheryl: We have selected 2 co-chairs

[ Text on screen: Student Conference Co-Chairs. ]

[ Text on screen: Shannon Jacobs ]

[ Text on screen: Matthew Cotton ]

Peggy: The Co-Chairs are Shannon Jacobs & Matthew Cotten. They will take over and run everything for the Student Conference all day Wednesday and Thursday morning. Look for their info and videos coming out soon. 

Peggy: Also, we want to let you know about the Fundraiser Competition.

[ Text on screen: Fundraiser Competition with pointing red arrow. ]

[ Text on screen: Regions with pointing red arrow ]

Cheryl: Each region will compete to raise money for the Conference. 

[ Text on screen: Students from ITP with pointing red arrow ]

Peggy: Students from ITPs, Interpreting Training Programs, or anyone involved in the ITP can raise money by washing cars or hosting events. That money can be donated to support the Conference.  

[ Text on screen: Interpreting Agencies with pointing red arrow ]

Cheryl: Interpreting Agencies can support and donate too. What’s the last category?

[ Text on screen: Individual with pointing red arrow }

Peggy: The last category is Individual. For example if I want to present a workshop I can get a sponsor who will donate money to the TSID Conference. I’m not paid directly; my sponsor’s donations would support the conference. 

Cheryl: That’s really cool.

[ Text on screen: Fundraiser winners will be announced at the banquet. ]

Peggy: Check out our website to find links to our vendor, sponsorship, and t-shirt pages. Make sure you buy a t-shirt. Our t-shirts will have the conference logo,created by Deaf artist Rebekah Covington, on the front and a list of sponsor’s company logos on the back. If you buy a shirt now they are $10. If you wait until the Conference starts, they will be $20 if there are any left. 

[ Text  box covers Cheryl. Text on screen: T-Shirt Sale. Conference T-Shirts $10 now order online until April 15, 2024. $20 at the Conference (while supplies last) ] 

Cheryl: Cool

Peggy: Remember the time is now! First, join TSID. Second, register for the conference. Third, book your hotel. As soon as you check off those three things, you’ll be ready to join us!  

Cheryl: I’m ready. Are you ready?

Peggy: I’m ready! Are YOU ready?!

[ Outro: Block letters “TSID” fills the screen with a cityscape in background.]

FLYER for TSID 2024 Conf Celebrating 60 years of Excellence

Board Meeting Dates
Start Time: 9:30 am

  • Training August 5-6

  • October 14 in Houston, TX

  • December 16th via Zoom

  • February 17th via Zoom

  • April 13, 2024 Sheraton Fort Worth Downtown Hotel

    • Hotel Tour @ 9 am, Zoom @ 10 am