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Conference 2026

*** Special pricing during the week of conference 2024 ***

Conference 2024


Cheryl & Peggy: Hello

Peggy: We’re here at the Sheraton Hotel. We just finished a meeting with the board and toured the property for the TSID Conference. Have you registered? If not you must. We already have almost 300 attendees, if you haven’t registered, sign up soon.


Cheryl: Come on! This Hotel recently finished a huge modern renovation. It’s a really cool and beautiful place. 


Peggy: Yes, it’s really nice. Plus you have an opportunity to earn a total of 2.75 CEUs from our various workshops. Soon we will release the full schedule of workshops and presenters with  dates and times. The full schedule will be available on our website tsid.org. A tentative schedule is posted there now so you can take a look and then register for the conference.


Cheryl: You know some of our member sections special interest groups do not have chairs. The Deaf Interpreter member section does not have a leader. Who of our Deaf Interpreters will lead this group? We have workshops for Deaf Interpreters too. You should come! Come help us develop a partnership between Deaf and Hearing Interpreters, we need it!


Peggy: That’s true and it’s true that we have a variety of workshops. Maybe you’ve seen what we’re doing for our banquet entertainment? We’ll have an auction and the President’s address.  But did you see who else will be coming?


Cheryl: DJ Nico a Deaf DJ and Nyle DiMarco’s twin brother. He will be coming to DJ for us during the banquet. I am so excited for that!


Peggy: Yes! And make sure you register before May 15th. The last day for the reduced rate is May 14th, after that date prices will increase again. Rooms are still available in the hotel. We already have over 400 hotel nights reserved. So, come on and get your room reserved.


Cheryl: Just a heads up some Interpreters have registered as an Associate Member, you won’t be able to earn CEUs that way. You should upgrade to Certified, it’s only $25 more and you’ll earn CEUs. Just FYI.


Peggy: All in all we have 24 Presenters, 32 Workshops, some will be presented twice so you can find the best fit for your schedule. 


Cheryl: We’re so excited to see you all here! Register to join us and over 300 other attendees.


Peggy: Also our banquet theme is “Western Elegance” celebrating 60 years of excellence with TSID. This is going to be such a fun conference. Come enjoy the conference, relax and meet & mingle with friends. We can’t wait to see y’all.

Cheryl: We’re so excited to see you all, come join us!


Matthew: Hello everyone! We’re excited for this year’s Student Conference! We just toured this hotel, and it’s really nice. You can register for the Student Conference at www.tsid.org We’re excited to see you all!


Shannon: I’m excited to announce we just posted the schedule of workshops on the TSID website. We have a bunch of topics including Ethics, Interpreter’s Mental Health, Self Care, and many more. 


All: Bye! See-You-At-TSID Conference! Bye!

FLYER for TSID 2024 Conf Celebrating 60 years of Excellence

Board Meeting Dates
Start Time: 9:30 am

  • Training August 5-6

  • October 14 in Houston, TX

  • December 16th via Zoom

  • February 17th via Zoom

  • April 13, 2024 Sheraton Fort Worth Downtown Hotel

    • Hotel Tour @ 9 am, Zoom @ 10 am