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Student Weekend Conference 2023

Student Weekend Conference 2023 Flyer

Conference 2024

Opening screen shows “TSID” in bold transparent font with scenes of the city of Fort Worth in the background. (Bass hall, Fort Worth Stockyards, the downtown skyline, etc.) The TSID Logo remains displayed in the bottom right corner throughout the video. The TSID Logo consists of white letters surrounded by a black horseshoe with the opening at the top: “TSID Conference Celebrating 60 years of excellence, 2024 Fort Worth, Texas. Created by Rebekah Covington.” A brown western boot with gray spurs and black interpreting hands on the side of the boot is located to the left of the horseshoe. The video continues as the TSID letters and Fort Worth background slide to the left off the screen to reveal water falling over 2-3 ft tall layers of concrete. A metal sign rests on the top of the wall, the sign reads “Fort Worth Water Gardens.” The screen transitions to Cheryl Sohns standing behind the trunk of a tall tree. (Cheryl is a Deaf woman, with long light brown hair with wisps of gray highlights. She is wearing a long sleeved black blouse.)

Cheryl: Hi! Come on!

The scene transitions to a local brewery and then back to the trees with Peggy Cobb standing behind a tree. She looks around the tree to sign “Hi! Come on!” (Peggy Cobb is a white hard of hearing woman with shoulder length brown hair, with purple glasses and wearing a purple long sleeved button down blouse.)

The video transitions to a view of Bass Hall, a cream colored building with two huge angels carved on the outside of the building. The angels are holding long golden trumpets that extend over the street below. The Calhoun street sign is in view. The video transitions back to the Water Gardens, to a view of a local museum, to the Panther Island Pavilion and back to the water gardens area as Cheryl and Peggy walk toward each other.

Cheryl: Hi! Hi! How are you?

Peggy: Are you ready?

Cheryl: Ready!

(they hug before walking to sit down on the bottom concrete wall)

PEGGY: Hey there! We have information to share related to the 2024 TSID statewide conference. But, most importantly I would like to introduce our new co-chair sitting with me.

CHERYL: Hello, I am Cheryl Sohns. I have been working with her for 10 years and I am excited to be the new co-chair for TSID. Yay!

PEGGY: Yes, it’s exciting! Of course, I’m Peggy Cobb. We have three updates for you. The first, Cheryl will share.

CHERYL: We have a logo for TSID 2024 created by Deaf Artist, Rebekah Covington. She made this beautiful logo. ( The TSID logo is shown on the screen.)

PEGGY: Next, let’s talk about the conference hotel and the surrounding vicinity.


We are thrilled to have the statewide conference, next summer, in June of 2024.

This summer a workshop weekend will be offered in Tyler. (the information for Region 2 Rendezvous appears on the screen). You can check out the website www.tsid.org to sign up and register. But, our statewide conference will be June 5th, for the student conference, and June 6-9 for the regular conference. Hopefully y’all can come! We are excited to see everyone and we have plenty of room for y’all to come.

Where is the hotel?

CHERYL: Fort Worth!

Ready, it’s the…

PEGGY & CHERYL: S-h-e-r-a-t-o-n Hotel!

CHERYL: It’s so fancy and beautiful!

The hotel is currently undergoing renovations, but will be done soon. It will be gorgeous.

PEGGY: Yes, we’re excited. It will have some really nice restaurants and places to gather and hang out.

CHERYL: And the rooms here are so nice too, it looks like an upscale resort.

PEGGY: You’re right. We hope you can come.

We are not ready for registration yet, but will be soon.Last week the board convened to review presenters and set the schedule of events and workshops. Keep an eye out for an announcement on registration, conference schedule, topics, and presenter information coming soon.

CHERYL: Of all the topics we have, we still need Deaf Interpreters. Come on Deaf Interpreters join us. Hey, I’m Deaf.

PEGGY: Right, we are so excited about that. We have so many specialties and will have Deaf presenters for each section discussing different topics. Hope you can come!

CHERYL: Come on! Join us!

The video transitions to a view of Cheryl and Peggy walking toward the Sheraton Hotel located across the street from the Fort Worth Water Gardens.

CHERYL: Look! Ready for this Conference?

PEGGY: Yes, at the Sheraton Hotel. It’s beautiful. In Fort Worth, Texas.

BOTH: Yay!

The video transitions to a view of the water gardens with the Sheraton Hotel in the background and then back to Cheryl and Peggy who give each other a high-five with both hands, laugh and hug each other.

Video ends with large letters across the screen of the “Click Click Crop” logo. (video recording and editing credit to Daymond Sands)

Board Meeting Dates

  • Training August 5-6

  • October 14 in Houston, TX

  • December 16th via Zoom

  • February 17th via Zoom

  • April 6, 2024 Sheraton Fort Worth Downtown Hotel